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Everyone is an artist! Success depends on how far you let your mind wander.

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Art teaching made with you in mind!

Hi folks, I'm John Morris a fun, unique, and creative artist from Scotland. Over the last 17 years, I have had the privilege to work with some wonderful clients from around the world as an artist, illustrator, consultant, and teacher.  I create beautiful bespoke artwork, teach students in physical classes as well as online and coach artists in a way that not only is unique and tailored to each individual that features a wide variety of subjects and styles that enriches your life.

For the first 3 years of my art career, I worked tirelessly to develop art that clients would love. Then one day, I was approached by a lady who wanted to know if I could create a special painting for her. A memory on canvas was born and since that day and over a decade and a half later, I have worked with clients all over the world who all want a special memory on canvas. Whether it was a painting of a pet or a portrait of a child, each client was ensured the highest standard of customer care.

When I left school I worked for various companies. The one thing I learned is the value of good customer service I watched those who provided care to their clients against those who didn’t.

I offer a personalised customer experience, one that is directly between you and me, the artist. You won’t get a call center when you phone me! Being available to my clients is something I pride my business on and it’s helped me gain a strong, reliable reputation that I now enjoy. In working with me you can be guaranteed that I will do my best to ensure:

  • Personal customer service of the highest level
  • The best quality art courses.
  • A simple step by step process from start to finish
  • Not to be rushed to make a decision
  • And to be able to ask questions for anything that you are unsure of.

My calling is to make sure that when all is said and done you feel valued, cared about and have a painting/product/coach that leaves you feeling elated and valued.

John's story away from the canvas

By Katie Morris

Over the years I have gotten to know John not just as an artist but as my best friend and husband. I have seen him at his best and definitely at his worst.  I've gone through it all with him and it has been a wonderful journey.

Some of which I wish to share with you now.

John was born and raised in Huddersfield west Yorkshire in 1988 April 3rd to be exact. Over the next 21 years, John would grow and develop into a very interesting character. From bodybuilding to wrestling, music to youth work and eventually, to his true love art, John tried and had fun with everything that he did. Applying himself fully to all that he attempted.

Sadly during John's biggest accomplishments in bodybuilding, he took ill and was later diagnosed with colitis. A debilitating condition that attacks the immune system and intestine. However, John has always had an interesting way of looking at things and whereas many would give up and go into hiding, John felt that if he only had so much time in this world he was certainly going to leave his mark on the world.

When he was at home, contemplating his next move he turned on the TV and began channel surfing. The channel that he landed on would change his life forever... A large, ginger afro haired man by the name of Bob Ross appeared on the T.V. This man was world-famous for teaching people all over how to paint. John became mesmerised and fell in love with art and

Bob ross

the world of color. John found brushes and paper and began painting and learning his techniques. Through the struggles and trials of the learning process he never gave up and to this day paints some of the most beautiful mountains and seascapes that I have ever seen.

John has a very unique way of teaching and It was that unique way that 

brought him to Scotland to take the role of a youth worker in 2010. Youths and teens that had been cast aside from society found a place in the youth group that John ran and I like to hope that they all grew and became better people because of it. He not only taught students how to paint and how to develop a love of art but also how to voice their views and even created a safe place for attendees to be who they were. One of John's greatest gifts is the ability to listen and ask the right questions at the right time. This is a gift that John has used all through his adult life to help and reach people from all walks of life.

in 2011 John began taking jobs as an illustrator with Cindy Freland, Anna Renault, Latoya Williams, and Yvette Albury among others. In 2012, John had the amazing opportunity to travel to the USA on tour with his Artist groupbusiness. During this amazing high in his life, he was brought back down to earth with a bang as his landlord and "best friend" decided to evict John during John's USA tour. When John returned to Scotland, He returned to find that his whole life had been turned upside down. Over the next 8 months, John would live in a bedsit in one of the roughest parts of Ayr, Scotland.

Again, unwilling to give up but now a changed man John continued to fight back and 8 months later he moved into a new flat in McCall's avenue. It was around this time that John and I became engaged and the effects of the situations he faced were obvious, he was working in a church (as a youth worker) that was very unsupportive of his living and health situations. The pressures of life changed John, but thankfully, he never lost that wonderful spirit or drive for life. I have never met anyone who has theJohn kids art classes self-discipline drive that John has.

Life has a funny way of throwing many curve balls ( as John's friend - Anna Renault used to say)

I have seen him very sick with Dyspraxia and Colitis only to build a full-time art business where he could work from home.

I have seen Facebook change its rules on how marketing could be done, so John built an art School to over 45 students. I have seen him literally go from nothing financially to being able to buy our first home. A wonderful 4 bedroom, 3 bathrooms ( One toilet for me, him and the cat) ( Yes our cat uses the toilet)  detached house,

It has been such a journey and I invite you to share the journey with us as we continue to progress through life.

There is so much more to his story and one day if you're lucky he may just share with you a chapter or two.




John's credentials

  • Internationally recognised artist.
  • Sells large amounts of work in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, and France.
  • Runs his business full time
  • A teacher of a wide variety of art courses and subjects.
  • A master of providing the highest level of customer service and listening to people's needs.
  • Studied art from Bob Ross, Eugine Lushpin, Thomas Kincade and many artists through the ages.
  • Student of art history
  • Art Teacher to the largest art school in South Ayrshire.
  • Illustrator
  • Colitis and Dyspraxia survivor
  • Fully self-employed in the world of art since 2016
  • Studied business under the teachings of - Tony Robbins, Victor Antonio, Donald Millar and more...
  • Diploma in business, Maths, and English
  • Studied Theology at the Scottish Baptist College.
  • Paints a wide variety of subjects and genres and has great success selling each one of them.



John is such an amazing artist, friend, and conversationalist. He really puts people at ease and communication is one of his greatest skills. I joined John's classes when he taught workshops in Troon, Scotland, and then when I heard that he had moved online I couldn't wait to see what courses he had available. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. 

— Kristine Kolomejeva

I began my time with John, like many others in his practical workshops and classes. I was under his teaching wing for around 2 years. From the first night that he opened classes to the final night when he closed to move online.
Naturally, I was sad when the practical classes ended. But then... when he told me he was taking art classes online and wanted to teach me how easy it would be to purchase and download art courses, classes and even participate in his monthly live teaching I was overjoyed.
John really is one of those once in a lifetime people. He goes above and beyond to help people achieve the type of art that they dream of. With his online courses, you definitely won't be disappointed.
— Fiona Beggs

"The proof is in the art... I have enjoyed John's 

teaching so much. From his practical workshops to his online teaching. It has made the world of difference to my art. I have a lot of trust in John as I too found John when he set up his art school in Troon and from the first day to the last from class tuition to private tuition I have loved every minute of it. I am delighted that I could continue my study of art with his in-depth art classes online. 

— Rory Black

A random find that I am so thankful for... While I was internet surfing and checking out Facebook I saw an ad for an online art course like never before. I knew by the presentation of this ad that I had found something really awesome. I clicked it and was blown away when I saw people just like me creating works of art. I explored Outreach art's website and got in touch with them. They were kind and very patient with me and because of them and their advice I have been able to create works of art like I never thought possible. I have loved all of their beginner courses and now I'm ready to move up the ladder.  I love them so much and especially Johns step by step teaching method and I'm sure you will too. 

— Dave Charles